Amateur Status of Club team members

There has been a recent problem with Club teams and the showing of team sponsors logo’s on clothing.

To clear this up & before engaging in the fitting of sponsors logo’s for 2007, team captains must make themselves aware of the rules regarding their team members,especially juniors.

The leaflet regarding the rules of amateur status can be downloaded for free from the R&A website, the club has a copy in the office, it will leave you in no doubt about what you can or cannot do with a sponsor’s logo.

To remind you, it is a player’s responsibility himself to know the rules of golf including the rules on amateur status. I am mindful of the fact that not all players particularly juniors, take much notice of this fact. Captains of teams who allow logos on clothing & equipment have a responsibility to make sure they do not put their players at risk of losing their amateur status. There are only 2 penalties that can be applied, one is a warning to the player not to do it again or they will lose their amateur status. The other is automatic loss of amateur status for a period of time resulting in the player only being allowed to play in a professional tournament & removal of their CONGU handicap. These penalties will be applied by the R&A.

It say’s that the manufacturer & one sponsors name may appear on each garment. It must not exceed a perimeter measurement of 220mm. Two sponsors on a single garment will breach the rules. The R&A confirm that a breach reported to them will be investigated.

Some teams have had the name of a sponsor put on the back of clothing from shoulder to shoulder. This is a breach of the rules, please do not do it.

If you have multiple sponsors you can have a different sponsor for each piece of clothing (i.e. different sponsors names on shirts/pullovers/waterproofs/shoes/trousers) but not on the same article of clothing. I know that sounds strange but it is a way out at the moment & keeps your players the right side of the rules & gives you the opportunity to have more than one sponsor on your kit.

We don’t want our players being picked up on this because the Captain has given them some free kit.

For your info Decisions 6-2/13 & 6-2/15 will be revised a little in 2008 in the new ‘decisions on the rules of amateur status’ book. I will keep you informed of those slight changes.