1. Terms

By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing this site. The materials contained in this web site are protected by applicable copyright and trade mark law.

2. Ownership

The credit card holder or the owner of the paypal e-mail address which is used for payment on the account is designated as the owner of the account.

3. Transfers

We will do all we can to help our clients move their site over to us. However, certain circumstances may mean that we are unable to assist in transferring data from one an old host. This may be due to the fact that some hosting platforms save data in an incompatible format.

4. Content

Using our services to infringe upon any copyright or trademark is strictly prohibited. This can include, but is not limited to, unauthorised copying of book, music or photographs.

If you offer sale of counterfeit merchandise of a trademark holder your account will be terminated.

If an account is found to violate anothers copyright, the account will either be removed or access to the material will be disabled. Repeated violation of copyright laws will result in the account being either suspended or terminated.

5. Unacceptable Material

Cotswold Edge Golf Club reserved the right to refuse services to anyone. Any material we believe to be offensive, threatening or illegal may be removed from our services. This also applied to any material that we believe violates our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Examples of unnacceptable material can be found below:

  • Bank Debentures/Bank Debenture Trading Programs
  • AutoSurf/PTC/PTS/PPC sites
  • Proxy Scripts/Anonymizers
  • Pirated Software/Warez
  • Image Hosting Scripts (similar to Photobucket or Tinypic)
  • Lottery/Gambling Sites
  • Fraudulent Sites (Including, but not limited to sites listed at aa419.org & escrow-fraud.com)
  • Mailer Pro
  • Banner-Ad services (commercial banner ad rotation)
  • File Dump/Mirror Scripts (similar to rapidshare)
  • Commercial Audio Streaming (more than one or two streams)
  • Escrow/Bank Debentures
  • High-Yield Interest Programs (HYIP) or Related Sites
  • Investment Sites (FOREX, E-Gold Exchange, Second Life/Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM/Pyramid Scheme)
  • Sale of any controlled substance without prior proof of appropriate permit(s)
  • Prime Banks Programs
  • Topsites
  • IRC Scripts/Bots
  • Hacker focused sites/archives/programs
  • Sites promoting illegal activities
  • Forums and/or websites that distribute or link to warez/pirated/illegal content
  • Broadcast or Streaming of Live Sporting Events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF, etc)
  • Tell A Friend Scripts
  • IP Scanners
  • Bruteforce Programs/Scripts/Applications
  • Mail Bombers/Spam Scripts

6. Reseller Accounts

Cotswold Edge Golf Club does not provide support to resellers’ clients. This is the sole responsibility of the owner of the reseller account. Resellers are also responsible for content stored and transmitted under their account. Cotswold Edge Golf Club will hold resellers responsible for any of their clients actions that may violate the law or the Terms and Conditions of use.

7. Shared Accounts

Shared account holder may not resell web hosting to other people. If you wish to resell hosting you must do so through a reseller account.

8. Stream Content

All clients agree to take responsibility for all content. Cotswold Edge Golf Club is not liable for any action taken against a client as a result of their stream content .

9. Content Restrctions

Cotswold Edge Golf Club will not actively monitor the content of client’s broadcasts.

However, Cotswold Edge Golf Club will monitor Stream connections and the amount of data streamed and if any client is found to be using their server over the bitrate ordered Cotswold Edge Golf Club reserve the right to terminate their service immediately without refund.

If it is brought to the attention of Cotswold Edge Golf Club that illegal content is being streamed then Cotswold Edge Golf Club will terminate all services without refund.

10. Audio Licenses

Client is responsible for any applicable license fees for their location. Cotswold Edge Golf Club does not award licensing to clients and is not liable for any action taken against a client as a result of failure to purchase correct licenses.

11. Spam

Client will not use our resources to transmit bulk or spam E-mail. This is defined as mail sent to a large group of recipients who did not expressly request to be sent the mail. If Cotswold Edge Golf Club finds any client doing this they reserve the right to terminate the client’s account.

12. Payment

Payment for services will be collected before an account is created. Payment for subsequent months will be charged on the clients anniversary date, defined as the day of the month that they signed up for service, unless client is told otherwise.

Uncleared payments will caused any services to be delayed until clearance of funds has occured.

All Payments to Cotswold Edge Golf Club are non-refundable, unless a client is told otherwise.

Cotswold Edge Golf Club reserves the right to change the amount charged for packages. This will not affect current clients.

13. Money Back Guarantee

On audio streaming service no full refund will be honored; the 30 day money back guarantee does not apply. We reserve the right to refund a prorated amount or no refund at all.

Each of Cotswold Edge Golf Club’s shared and reseller hosting comes with an unconditional money back guarantee on them. If you are not completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days of your service, you will be given a full refund of the contract amount. Remember, this is only for monthly shared or reseller packages and does not apply to audio streaming or domain name purchases.

14. Cancellation

All clients must give 30 days notice for cancellation of their account. This should be done via opening a ticket.

15. Affiliate

All referral commission is delayed by 60 days and will then only be paid to the affiliate if the account is still active. When withdrawing your commission from Cotswold Edge Golf Club there is a £50GBP minimum. If your account does not meet the minimum withdrawl you can either use the balance to go towards a new service or wait until you meet the minimum balance.

16. Changes to the TOS

Cotswold Edge Golf Club reserves the right to revise its policies at any time without notice.